Welcome to Three More Bites

On this site you will find tips and ideas for your cooking as well as recipes for thoroughly tested dishes.
We are happy to have you visiting and hope that you will enjoy reading our food blogs, test the recipes and give us your feedback.

Ayoe & Bob


Three More Bites is a product of our love and interest in foods. We both grew up with the philosophy that cooking at home is healthy, fun and delicious. So naturally we have a passion for foods made with great ingredients and prepared with lots of love.

We started the Three More Bites blog because we wanted to share how easy it really is to make good homemade meals on an every day basis. Some of the recipes are meant more for parties and celebrations, but the majority is basically what we make at home during a normal week.

We take great pride in writing the instructions so thoroughly and simple so everyone can follow them. There is always room for adding a personal touch to the dishes, so use what is available to you and adapt the recipes to your own taste buds.

We also like to show you how the dishes look, and Bob is the photographer behind the delicious looking pictures. This doesn’t mean that you should make the dishes look exactly like how ours look, but more meant as an inspiration for you to get started.

We like to explore and be adventurous, so we often create new recipes based on a dish we had in a restaurant or something we’ve found elsewhere.
We believe that continuously growing and developing is the key.

We invite you to try out the recipes and share your experiences with us. Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome.