Baby I’m a meat eater

I won’t lie, I love eating meat. I don’t think I can ever become a vegetarian. Roast beef, steak, leg of lamb, bacon, and BBQ chicken are just too delicious to pass up. I always wonder how people can stay as vegetarians during the summer days when everyone is barbecuing outside. That’s like asking a monkey to never eat a banana! Pretty bloody hard! From time to time, however, I do enjoy eating only veggies. Last night was my turn to cook dinner and I managed to make a vegetarian pasta sauce. I was so proud of myself for not using any meat!

The pasta sauce was super simple to make, it only took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. You should give it a try yourself!


Red peppers
Sun dry julienne cut tomatoes
(And any other veggies you can find in your fridge… I wouldn’t consider red chili or jalapeño as veggies though… 😉 )
Olive oil
Salt & pepper


1. Chop mushrooms, celeries, carrots, red peppers, tomatoes and garlic and put them aside.

2. In a large pot pour in about 2 tablespoon of olive oil. Toss in garlic and mushrooms when the pot is heated and stir for about 2 minutes.

3. Add carrots and stir for about 2 minutes or until soften.

4. Toss in already diced tomatoes into the pan and add a good amount of water. Bring the sauce to a boil.

5. Add red peppers, celeries, and sun dry julienne cut tomatoes.

6. Continue boiling for about 3 minutes before turning down the heat to simmer.

7. Continue heating the sauce until it starts to thicken. Once the sauce thickens continue to heat for another 5 minutes.

8. Add a pinch of oregano. Season the sauce with salt & pepper.

9. Serve with desired pasta. I served the sauce with rigatoni.



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