Campfire dessert with Girl Guides

I spend this grey January weekend camping with my Girl Guides. Even though the weather wasn’t amazing we still had one day with no rain and we were able to make a great campfire. We had clear skies in the evening so we could look up and see the stars very clearly.
Imagine this: Warm campfire, girls singing songs and playing skits while the sky is covered with bright stars and dessert is on it’s way. This was so beautiful!

We didn’t actually make the dessert in the campfire, but in the oven. With that said, the dessert can most definitely be made in the actual fire.

So here it comes: We made orange cup cakes!

This might sound plain to you but the way the cup cakes are made is far from traditional and plain because they are in fact made in the peel of the orange. We cut the top of the oranges and scooped out all the meat. Then we mixed a cake batter, this can be any flavour you like, we made vanilla and chocolate and added some of the orange juices. Then we put the lid back on and wrapped each orange in aluminum foil, making sure it faced the right way, and placed it in the oven. Here you could instead place it in the burning hot coals of your campfire.

After about 20-30 min the cakes were done and we all enjoyed scooping our individual cakes out of the orange peel and eating while still hot.
This was so good and has an unlimited number of variations for filling. You can add nuts of any kind, chocolate chips, marshmallows, pieces of fruit (the orange), mix two different batter flavours and create a swirl cake and any other combination that you can possibly think of.

I regret not taking any pictures of this, so I’ll leave it to your imagination to show you what the oranges looked like 🙂


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