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Rose & Strawberry Risotto from Italy

During our recent honeymoon trip to Italy we were lucky to be able to explore many different cities in Italy. One of our stops was Florence where we spent a full day touring around. (We learned that one day is definitely too short for Florence, especially when you spent half of the day in Uffizi museum) Before we had to catch the train to go back to Montaione we came across an Italian delicacy store that sold a lot of…

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Italy honeymoon!! Where else would you go??

We just came back from our wonderful honeymoon in Italy. Never have we had so good food and wine every day all day long, it was heaven! Now where to begin? Let’s start in Venice where we practiced getting lost in the many alleys and canals, only to come across an amazing little restaurant or cafe where we enjoyed delicious pizza, pasta, coffee, wine and baked goods. Does it get any better than this? Here are some of our favourites…

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