Chocolate and Caramelized Pecan Ice-cream!

Summer time is almost here and what’s a better way to celebrate summer than making home-made ice cream? We love making ice cream at home because we get to decide what we want to put in it. It’s also great because it gets the entire family involved, especially when you have kids. The kids will be amazed to see the ingredients slowly thicken and turning into yummy ice cream.

You can use the base recipe mentioned here and then add your favourite flavours. Ayoe recently made liquorice ice cream with this recipe.


Base Recipe
6 egg yolks
220 g (2/3 cup) honey
5 dl (2 cups) whipping cream

75 g (2.65 oz) dark chocolate
75 g (2.65 oz) pecan nuts
75 g (1/3 cup) granulated sugar
4 tablespoons cocoa powder

ice cream ingredients

Melt sugar on medium heat till it becomes a caramel. Stir frequently so it doesn’t burn. Once sugar is brown and caramelized, add the pecans and coat them with the caramel. Pour them out on a piece of parchment paper and let cool. Once cooled, chop into smaller pieces.

Chop chocolate into smaller pieces and set aside.

The honey should be very soft so you can whip it. If honey is hard, heat it up slightly till it’s soft.

Whip egg yolks with the honey until light and fluffy. In a separate bowl, whip the whipping cream until it starts to come together but is still soft and fluffy.

Add chopped chocolate, cocoa powder and caramelized pecans into the egg and honey mixture. Stir until everything’s combined.


mixing chocolate

pecan nuts

Gently fold the whipping cream into the egg and honey mixture.

whipping cream

whipping cream


Pour everything into the ice cream machine and let it run for 45 minutes to an hour. Pour into a container and put it in the freezer until ready to serve.

ice cream machine

ice cream

ice cream

If you do not have an ice cream machine, pour everything into a container and put it in the freezer. Take it out and stir it every hour. The ice cream should be ready in 6 – 8 hours.

Serve the ice cream with crunchy meringue made from the left over egg whites.

ice cream

ice cream

ice cream


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