Chocolate overload!!!

Wow!! There is such thing as having too much chocolate! Who would have thought?

Tonight Ayoe and I went to Chocolate de la Nouvelle France to try their 3 course chocolate tasting menu. This was a gift that Ayoe got me for my birthday back in September (I suspect because she loves chocolate). It only took me over 5 months to redeem my birthday gift! We haven’t done any chocolate tasting meals before so we were both very eager & curious what it would be like.

Chocolate de la Nouvelle France is a very hygglig (cozy) place. It reminded me of a small town European restaurant. We were treated with 3 very different chocolate dishes. Describing each chocolate dish is impossible and wouldn’t do them justice. Let’s just say I haven’t had chocolate desserts SO good in ages!!! They were simply amazing! Both Ayoe and I were extremely full by the end of the night (actually already by the end of the first course, but we managed to get through all 3 courses with support from each other). Now we have to sit on the couch and do nothing for the next 5 hours, ha! Mainly because we are too full to go for a walk or run. We’ll look into that tomorrow 🙂

I forgot to bring my DSLR along but managed to capture some pictures with my cellphone camera. If you live in the Vancouver area or visit Vancouver you should definitely check out Chocolate de la Nouvelle France. Their chocolates are just amazing! We highly recommend paying them a visit.

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