Chocolate treats

Today I made chocolate treats and oh my, how I love making anything that includes chocolate. The best thing about making treats with chocolate is to test the samples as you go, sort of a quality control. You can’t serve anything to other people that you haven’t yet tested yourself, so I really make an effort to try as many of the chocolate treats as possible while in the process of making them and of course also when finished.

So I made two types of chocolate treats which are Spice Truffles and Hazelnut Crunch.

I spend the whole day walking to and from, since some of it takes time to cool and soak up flavour. The spice truffles are packed with spices that really bring out the Christmas spirit in me and mixed with chocolate, I could not ask for more. They are delicious. The Hazelnut Crunch is a hazelnut and caramel truffle which I learned to make at a chocolate truffle course I took a few years back with my mom. We love to take those kind of courses because there are so many opportunities to learn new recipes and take them home and treat the family to our newest creations. Also due to the high amount of samples provided during the day of the course makes us come back over and over again.

The countdown till Christmas eve is getting closer and I still need to finish a couple more items before I can say that I’ve done my duty this year, so back to the kitchen!!


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