Easter Egg Decoration

Since I’m originally from Taiwan, Easter is not something that my family celebrate. When we immigrated to Canada I simply viewed Easter as the first long weekend since New Year. After marrying Ayoe in May 2011, I’m following more and more Danish traditions, so this past weekend I found myself decorating easter eggs with Ayoe.

Before you start decorating you need to blow the egg white and the yoke out. To do this you poke a small hole at one end of the egg, then a bigger hole at the other end. Next blow hard until you pass out… 😉 :p

Once you blow everything out and only have the eggshell left, rinse with water inside and outside. Blowing the egg white and the yoke out means you will be able to keep the decorated eggs for much longer than if you were to boil them.

For our eggs we decided to dye them first using food colouring to give them a base coat before painting. In several bowls mix water, plain vinegar, and food colouring. The more vinegar you add the more vibrant the colour will show up on the eggshell. You can dip your egg in different colours a few times to create cool colours or patterns.

If you have some candles or wax crayons, you can draw some cool patterns before dipping your egg into the dye. Where you put the wax the colour will not show up.

Once the egg is dry from all the food colouring, you can start painting with a small brush using any paint. For our eggs we used acrylic paint.

To hang your eggs, tie thread to the tip of a toothpick and put the toothpick into the largest hole.

Happy Easter!

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