The cooking videos are on the way!

Last week we started filming our instructional cooking show! We had so much fun prepping and cooking so we assure you there is a lot of funny footage. We might even create a video just with the out takes.

The goal for the videos are to show you how fun and easy it can be to cook good and delicious food. We are very excited to see the finished product which will probably be done in a few weeks from now. There is definitely something to look forward too.

Our inspiration for the videos comes from a variety of other cooking shows. The chefs that continuously seem to make a great impression on us are
Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. You can tell how much they love food and cooking with good quality ingredients. In our videos we want to show you that we are in the very same boat when it comes to loving food and choosing quality products.

We are continuously in search for testing out new recipes and adding our touch to the different dishes we present on our website. We are open to suggestions of what to cook in our future videos, so let us know if there is a particular recipe that you would love to see us make.

Here is a few still frames from the videos and as you can see we are enjoying it and embracing the challenge fully! 🙂

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