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I have for the longest time wanted to make macarons and I researched the web for some good recipes and finally came across a few that sounded good. My first attempt was bad, really bad. I thought I knew what I was doing since I have been baking and cooking for pretty much all my life. But no, it turns out that I do not know everything 🙁 I made several mistakes which lead to macarons that were hollow at…

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Cookies Decorations Dessert Hygge Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

We wish all of you a very happy Valentines day. Today is not just for couples but for everyone out there as I read in Anni Chic’s column in 24 hours Vancouver Feb 13th pg 22. In Finland the day is called “Day of Friendship”, so don’t feel sad if you are not in a relationship, be happy that you have friends! Regardless of your status you are entitled to enjoy some sweet treats. So therefore I will share this…

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