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Old Fashion Danish Apple Cake

It is that time of year! Fall is here 🙂 With fall comes lots and lots of apples (and other great crops too), so of course we are going to make an Old Fashion Danish Apple Cake. It is really rather simple and tastes so great. So let’s begin. Ingredients: Apple mush: 10 apples of your favourite kind, or a mix of apples. We like sour apples for this recipe, but you can use sweet ones too if you like.…

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Bread Cake Carnival Dessert Hygge Vanilla

Fastelavnsboller – Carnival buns

I am a sucker for sweet things, and when it comes to baked goods I am in heaven! Ever since I can remember, every year for Fastelavn (Carnival) in February in Denmark, we would dress up in funny and creative costumes, walk from the school to the local bakery where the baker had lined up cakes, rum truffles, bread and of course Fastelavnsboller (Carnival buns). Then the whole school would line up and one by one, we would grab a…

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Basil Dessert Easy to make Ice cream Vanilla

We all scream for ice cream!!

Yeah for summer! That to us equals lots and lots of ice cream 🙂 We were so lucky to get an ice cream maker for our wedding in Denmark and we have already tested it several times. Bob wanted to make traditional vanilla ice cream and I wanted to experiment a little and do a basil sorbet. They are both pretty amazing in their own way. The vanilla is creamy with the flavour of the vanilla bean really standing out…

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