Avocado Egg Salad!

We have been doing the Whole30 for a while now and while it was challenging in the beginning, it certainly has its benefits and gets easier as we go along. This salad is packed with great fats and proteins and goes well for lunch or dinner, as a picnic snack or side dish. It contains … Read more

Eggs baked in Avocado!

Looking for a healthy start to the day? Look no further! We have often, especially on the weekends, made this delicious breakfast dish. You simply crack an egg in an avocado half (pit removed), bake it in the oven and eat for breakfast or brunch. Here is how to make it: Ingredients for two people: … Read more

Pulled Pork Sandwich

If you are looking for something easy and delicious to cook for a larger gathering of friends and family, this is what you should make. Pulled pork is simple and takes very little effort to make, the only thing that takes time is the cooking and you can basically leave that alone for 6-8 hours … Read more

Avocado sandwich

Sometimes there is not enough time to make an elaborate meal. So when that happens it is great to have a few fast and easy recipes up your sleeve that you can pull out when needed. The avocado sandwich is one of those dishes. We love to make this sandwich because it reminds us of … Read more

Chocolate dessert with special ingredient!

So after a pretty long and intense study period I finally have time to cook again. I love it so much it and I really missed doing it for the last while. So now I am back in business with a delicious chocolate mousse with a special ingredient. Do you want to know what it … Read more