Healthy snacks

If you know me you know I LOVE snacking! You’ll often find me looking in the different drawers, trying to find something to snack on. However, junk foods like potato chips, soda, sugar loaded cookies, and Twinkies are things that you would never find in our house. What? No junk food? What kind of stuff … Read more

The Smoothie e-book is here!

We finally finished our 2nd e-book. Yeah! This book is about smoothies, which we just love to drink every single day. There are so many varieties of smoothies and we have picked our 10 favourites for this book. We also added several variations for each smoothie, so you are looking at around 30 different smoothie … Read more

Campfire dessert with Girl Guides

I spend this grey January weekend camping with my Girl Guides. Even though the weather wasn’t amazing we still had one day with no rain and we were able to make a great campfire. We had clear skies in the evening so we could look up and see the stars very clearly. Imagine this: Warm … Read more