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Dinner Recipe Hygge Reviews Risotto thoughts

Eating in the dark

We just had an amazing and very different dining experience. You might have heard of the concept of dining in a pitch black restaurant where the servers are blind or vision impaired. There are several of those restaurants around the world and we have one in Vancouver as well. We had been debating if we should go or not because we love food and we love to make it look good and see what we eat. So needless to say,…

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Christmas Decorations Hygge Reviews thoughts

Advent Wreath

Every year, fours Sundays before Christmas, we make an Advent Wreath. The traditions goes way back and symbolizes the love of God, which has no end and no beginning. The Advent Wreath traditionally is made of evergreens to symbolize life during the winter time. In Ayoe’s family the Advent Wreath has been a big deal for many years, so of course she is bringing the tradition to Canada as well 🙂 The wreath has four candles and one candle is…

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Chocolate Reviews thoughts

Hot Chocolate Festival

The Hot Chocolate Festival in Vancouver is on again and it is the time of year where you really crave something hot, sweet and comforting to make you forget the cold and rainy outside and just want to snuggle up inside. I think more and more cafe`s join every year, so during the four weeks of the festival you got to plan carefully so you get around to as many of them as possible. The idea is that each cafe…

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Christmas Cookbook Dinner Recipe Easy to make Reviews

Cookbook sneak preview…!

We are hard at work, collecting recipes, cooking dishes, tasting, rewriting and having fun creating our first cookbook! We are so excited to get the cookbook ready and printed for you. We are interested in your feedback on the recipes that we grew up with as children, created through our bachelor(ette) days and finally the recipes we have developed while living together. We have a special feature in the cookbook that we can’t quite reveal yet, but you will find…

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Dinner Recipe Honeymoon Oops Reviews Risotto thoughts

Rose & Strawberry Risotto from Italy

During our recent honeymoon trip to Italy we were lucky to be able to explore many different cities in Italy. One of our stops was Florence where we spent a full day touring around. (We learned that one day is definitely too short for Florence, especially when you spent half of the day in Uffizi museum) Before we had to catch the train to go back to Montaione we came across an Italian delicacy store that sold a lot of…

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