Cookbook sneak preview…!

We are hard at work, collecting recipes, cooking dishes, tasting, rewriting and having fun creating our first cookbook!

We are so excited to get the cookbook ready and printed for you. We are interested in your feedback on the recipes that we grew up with as children, created through our bachelor(ette) days and finally the recipes we have developed while living together.

We have a special feature in the cookbook that we can’t quite reveal yet, but you will find out soon enough 🙂

Throughout the process we have rediscovered how much we love cooking and sharing our recipes with you.
Our goal is to create a series of cookbooks with different themes and the first one will be ready to go in a few months from now.
We can’t wait! It is almost like Christmas!

So here is a little sneak preview of what you will find in the cookbook:

Ayoe’s favourite tuna mousse that she makes every year for Christmas lunch (and a few other times during the year).
Bob’s childhood Taiwanese minced pork on rice, which he loves to eat every time he visits Taiwan.
The easiest chicken breast recipe you have ever cooked.
Delicious fall and winter soups to keep you warm and cosy.
Summer salads that will blow your mind with their colour spectrum.
Dishes with bacon!
Homemade pizza, and we mean homemade, yes, also the dough!
Easy snacks that you can bring for potlucks.
Yummy desserts and much, much more.

So stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to get your hands on the cookbook!


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