Thanksgiving Turkey

Since both of us come from countries outside of Canada, none of us have really been used to celebrating Thanksgiving. We still kind of don’t, except for the fact that we like to eat good food and it is a long weekend, so why not celebrate?

So as everyone else (mostly everyone else) we will be making turkey.
But how will we be making the turkey?

You see, there are so many great recipes to choose from, and one especially that Ayoe’s mom taught her, includes bacon!
Now we got your attention, eh?!

As you might know, turkey tends to be a bit dry if you cook it for too long, this is where the bacon comes in.
You simply drape the bacon on top of the turkey (the breast meat), pin it to the skin with a few wooden sticks and bake it in the oven.

Before all of this, you of course fill it with your choice of stuffing, which can be basically anything from breadcrumbs with different herbs, to apples and prunes, whole lemons, etc.

When the turkey bakes in the oven, the bacon will provide fat to the breast meat (which is the driest part of the turkey) and help keep it moist. It is still a really good idea to baste the turkey with the drippings while baking, and when you are close to being done baking the turkey, simply remove the bacon strips (eat them or save them as a crumbly side dish to serve with the turkey, I think we usually just eat it) and bake the turkey a bit more to get the skin crispy.

There you have it, best turkey tip of the year! That is if you like bacon, but who doesn’t??


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