Pumpkin carving and how to make the seeds yummy!

This weekend we had friends over for pumpkin carving. We ate cookies and cake, and made roasted pumpkin seeds with various flavours.

When carving pumpkins you will need to cut a hole at the top big enough to fit your hand in. Then you can scrape out all the seeds and threads from the inside.
Then you can draw the pattern you want on the pumpkin and start carving. We had some very creative pumpkins at the end as you can see here.

When we finished carving our creations, we divided all the seeds into three batches. Each batch was mixed with a bit of olive oil.
Do not rinse the seeds before roasting because we want to keep the strings and part of the meat to add extra flavour.

The first flavour we made was pumpkin spice, which consists of a mix of ground cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger. Play with the ratio to create your special flavour. We usually add about the same amount of cinnamon as the other three ingredients together.

The second batch was flavoured with salt and pepper. Be careful with the salt, you can easily drizzle more salt on after the seeds are baked, but you can’t really remove it.

The last batch was cinnamon and sugar flavoured.

We baked each batch in an oven tray for about 30-45 minutes till crispy at around 150 C (300 F).
Remember to stir frequently so they don’t burn and stick to the tray.

Spread the seeds on a piece of parchment paper to cool down and serve luke warm.

Our three flavours below. From left to right: Salt and pepper, cinnamon and sugar, pumpkin spice.

Let us know what flavours your pumpkin seeds are.


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  1. Such artistic pumpkin carvings! I’m usually lucky if I can manage a standard two triangle eyes and a mouth- I have no skill when it comes to making jack-o-lanterns.


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