Salmon patties with Tomato salsa

This is a very yummy recipe. Best of all, it’s also Whole30 friendly. Serves 4 – 6 Ingredients: Salmon patties 550g fresh salmon filet 1 bayleaf 1 large mango 1 large red pepper 1 shallot 1/2 bunch cilantro 3 large eggs 1/2 cup Whole30 mayo Juice of 1 lime 1/2 cup almond flour or coconut … Read more

Salmon Mint Balls

If you love fish, you will love this dish. It is fast and easy to make and it is great for those cozy spring evenings, when you need a fresh dish to feel that the warmer weather is coming. You can actually use any kind of fish that you like, we just feel that the … Read more

The first cooking video is here!!

Finally we got it done 🙂 We are so excited that our first cooking video is now available to you, so you can get even more help and tips of how to cook super easy and delicious meals. Watch us juggle potatoes and have fun in the kitchen! Since this is our first, and by … Read more

Salmon adventure

Wed night is my night to cook (yes I’m such a wonderful husband). As usual I was drawing blank on what to make so I consulted Jamie’s Food Revolution for some ideas. This cook book is awesome as it contains many easy recipes so even someone like me who can’t follow cooking directions very well … Read more

The cooking videos are on the way!

Last week we started filming our instructional cooking show! We had so much fun prepping and cooking so we assure you there is a lot of funny footage. We might even create a video just with the out takes. The goal for the videos are to show you how fun and easy it can be … Read more