Delicious bruschetta

The other night Ayoe and I made 3 different bruschetta for dinner. We started each bruschetta with tomato paste and different toppings for each bruschetta. Some of the toppings we used included sunchokes, mushrooms, sliced garlic, tomatoes, sera no ham, and pesto. Thanks to the different toppings, each bruschetta tasted differently but they were all very mouth watering delicious! It was hard for me to believe that it’s so easy and straight forward to make bruschetta. It literally took us less than 15 minutes to all 3 bruschetta.

Ayoe and I plan to work on a few more bruschetta recipes so we could put them together for another ebook On top of the bruschetta ebook idea we also have a few more ideas, such as easy-to-make meals and healthy desserts. Have you checked out our ebooks section?

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