Experiment gone wrong

A few months ago I was making dinner without knowing what I was really making. Whenever I cook I like to either try different recipes or experiment a little bit. This time I decided to go with the latter. There was a piece of cod fillet that Ayoe previously defrosted so I knew what I’d use for the main ingredient. I knew I wanted to bake the fish in the oven so I seasoned the fillet with salt, pepper, and some olive oil – pretty generic seasoning for fish, nothing to brag about. I then looked around in the fridge, found a grapefruit, and decided that I would put a few slices of grapefruit on top of the fish. I then saw a bottle of balsamic vinegar sitting on the kitchen counter so I rubbed some balsamic vinegar on the fillet. After all the above steps I finally put the fish in a baking pan and into the oven.

Let’s just say this main dinner dish tasted pretty “funky.” Ayoe certainly mentioned many times on that night and more ever since on why using grapefruit and balsamic vinegar together isn’t the best choice out there for fish.

Next time I think I’ll look up a recipe first. 🙂

Lesson learned.


5 thoughts on “Experiment gone wrong”

  1. So why is the combo of grapefruit and balsalmic not good for fishies? I know there is orange chicken…and citrus and balsalmic vinegar are good on salad…and whitefish is pretty mild tasting..? :p

    • The simple answer is that it tastes bad! I guess it is difficult to explain the specific taste, you would have to try it 🙂
      Grapefruit is bitter, whereas lemon or lime is sour. I recall that the amount of balsamic vinegar exceeded the amount of fish and therefore totally overpowered everything, except for the bitterness of grapefruit 🙂
      Sorry Bob!


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