Birthday Fruit Cake

When you have children, you realize that the sometimes the food choices you used to make, maybe aren’t that great for your young child.

So we change it and make it better!

Our son had his first birthday in October and we decided to make a cake for him and the guests. So what to do?

We got inspired by lots of pictures on Pinterest and came up with this creation:


To make a birthday cake like this, you can use various fruits. To get the best taste, always use the fruits that are in season.
We used a variety of melons, pineapple, mandarins and grapes.
We cut three “cake” bases, one larger than the other, so they fit on top of each other.
Then with the left over melon and pineapple, we used cookie cutters to cut out different shapes.
We then attached the melons together with toothpicks and added the cut out fruits to the sides of the cake.
We made skewers with grapes and melon pieces in various shapes and decorated the two top layers of the cake with those.
We peeled and halved mandarins and decorated around the bottom of the cake.



So it is pretty simple and you can use any fruits and maybe even play around with making roses or other flower looking shapes out of the fruit.
So be creative and show us your cakes in the comments below.


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