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Three Hot Chocolates for Christmas!

Mmmm, who doesn’t love a cup of steaming hot chocolate on a cold winters day? We enjoy hot chocolate quite frequently in the Christmas season and until spring arrives. There are many ways to make hot chocolate or some will call it hot cocoa (but we really don’t want to be calling it that), so let’s begin with the most important ingredient: Chocolate!! There it is, we said it. Make your hot chocolate from real, good quality chocolate instead of…

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Vinci’s in Vancouver

This weekend we went to Vinci’s Caffe & Gallery for lunch. It’s located near Olympic Village on 3rd Ave and Columbia in Vancouver. Vinci’s is run by a mother-daughter team and has a very “hyggelig” (Danish interpretation of Cozy) feel to it. It’s like a home away from home. Inspired by Italy, the food is simple but delicious. We had a mix of potato salad, vegetables, and ravioli as well as the vegetable curry soup. The coffee was really good…

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Chocolate Christmas Hygge

Chocolate treats

Today I made chocolate treats and oh my, how I love making anything that includes chocolate. The best thing about making treats with chocolate is to test the samples as you go, sort of a quality control. You can’t serve anything to other people that you haven’t yet tested yourself, so I really make an effort to try as many of the chocolate treats as possible while in the process of making them and of course also when finished. So…

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Chocolate Christmas Cookies Easy to make

White Christmas Cookies

It is that time of year, the snow is falling (at least today it was), cookies are baking, nuts are roasting, chocolate is being melted to make treats and shapes are cut to make gingerbread houses. Christmas is a wonderful time for us because it means more “hygge” (coziness) and more yummy food and treats. Today I was baking White Christmas Cookies, my favourite, and Bob was happily eating them for his afternoon coffee 🙂 White Christmas Cookies are so…

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Chocolate Reviews thoughts

Hot Chocolate Festival

The Hot Chocolate Festival in Vancouver is on again and it is the time of year where you really crave something hot, sweet and comforting to make you forget the cold and rainy outside and just want to snuggle up inside. I think more and more cafe`s join every year, so during the four weeks of the festival you got to plan carefully so you get around to as many of them as possible. The idea is that each cafe…

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