Three More Jams with Blackberries ;)

It is berry season! We love to pick our own berries, anything from strawberries and raspberries to blackberries and blueberries. They are just so delicious. We have been out picking blackberries the last couple of weekends and got a good portion each time. We freeze some and use them for smoothies, we eat some fresh … Read more

The ultimate winter smoothie

The past weekend Greens Organic & Natural Market had a smoothie championship competition. Because we make smoothies every day for breakfast I decided to sign up. I tried looking around online before the competition but there wasn’t much info available. All I knew was I’d be making a smoothie to be judged on its taste … Read more

Smoothie recipes with Bob

It is here finally!! Bob loves to make smoothies, and he does it every day for breakfast! It is always a treat waking up to a delicious smoothie. In this video he will show you two very different smoothies, but both are amazing in their own way. -Enjoy!

The Smoothie e-book is here!

We finally finished our 2nd e-book. Yeah! This book is about smoothies, which we just love to drink every single day. There are so many varieties of smoothies and we have picked our 10 favourites for this book. We also added several variations for each smoothie, so you are looking at around 30 different smoothie … Read more

Smoothie extravaganza!!

Both Bob and I love smoothies and especially for breakfast. So every day one of us surprises the other with a new combination of fruit and juices. Last weekend we decided to make a lot of different smoothies to determine who is the true smoothie meister (master). I made the first smoothie, which was a … Read more