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Breakfast Christmas Dessert Easy to make Healthy Smoothie snacks Throw down

The ultimate winter smoothie

The past weekend Greens Organic & Natural Market had a smoothie championship competition. Because we make smoothies every day for breakfast I decided to sign up. I tried looking around online before the competition but there wasn’t much info available. All I knew was I’d be making a smoothie to be judged on its taste and originality. I arrived at Greens prepared with a very original smoothie recipe that Ayoe and I have made several times and some ingredients in…

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Breakfast Chocolate Hygge Smoothie Throw down

Smoothie extravaganza!!

Both Bob and I love smoothies and especially for breakfast. So every day one of us surprises the other with a new combination of fruit and juices. Last weekend we decided to make a lot of different smoothies to determine who is the true smoothie meister (master). I made the first smoothie, which was a breakfast smoothie with coffee. I got all excited just because of the coffee idea, so I added a banana and some milk, cocoa powder of…

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