Decorations in the spirit of Danish Christmas

Yeah, I love Christmas! What I love most about it is the time spend making decorations for the tree and all around the home. I believe most people know who Hans Christian Andersen was and if you don’t, look it up!! I’ll give you a hint: Danish poet and fairy tale writer, the Little Mermaid, the Ugly Duckling, etc. He was also the first person to make a braided Christmas heart.

Those are my favorite decorations to make. There are infinite possibilities in the patterns you can make, it is just your own creativity that sets the boundaries. Look up braided Christmas hearts and you will find images and instructions of how to create your own.

Here comes the best part. When you have created your heart you’ll hang it on the Christmas tree and then your mom (or at least my mom would do this every year, several times!) will fill it with candies!! Then you can go and nibble at the goodies hanging on the tree. Now this is Christmas to me!

This is my first heart from this year.


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