Rose & Strawberry Risotto from Italy

During our recent honeymoon trip to Italy we were lucky to be able to explore many different cities in Italy. One of our stops was Florence where we spent a full day touring around. (We learned that one day is definitely too short for Florence, especially when you spent half of the day in Uffizi … Read more

Easy to make potatoes

My parents recently dropped by our place and gave us a bag full of potatoes. A family friend of my parents owns a farm, so whenever they harvest they always give my parents some fresh organic produce. Ayoe and I tend to be the beneficiaries from this nice gesture as well. Having a large amount … Read more

Summer salad – our take on Salad Nicoise

Summer is gorgeous! Summer is a time for easy cooking and light cold meals. Therefore we really enjoy making salads and what better way to make a summer salad than to incorporate eggs, olives and tuna. There are probably a million different Nicoise recipes and you can use a lot of different ingredients depending on … Read more

Thai inspired chicken soup

After having cooked the whole organic chicken I had a bit of left over meat that I wanted to use for a good hearty soup. I decided to add in some spice, lemon and coconut milk because those three ingredients together have such an amazing flavour. This soup is great for getting rid of an … Read more

The first cooking video is here!!

Finally we got it done 🙂 We are so excited that our first cooking video is now available to you, so you can get even more help and tips of how to cook super easy and delicious meals. Watch us juggle potatoes and have fun in the kitchen! Since this is our first, and by … Read more