Summer salad – our take on Salad Nicoise

Summer is gorgeous!

Summer is a time for easy cooking and light cold meals. Therefore we really enjoy making salads and what better way to make a summer salad than to incorporate eggs, olives and tuna.

There are probably a million different Nicoise recipes and you can use a lot of different ingredients depending on what you have available.

Our favourite to include in the salad is feta cheese.

Basically what you do is boil an egg per person. Split a can of tuna between two people and from there you just add what you have.
We sliced up some feta cheese, added olives, a good handful of mixed homegrown salad, fresh peas, tomatoes, orange peppers, carrots, cucumber, fresh thyme and oregano from the garden. We topped it all of with a few slices of freshly baked baguette and an oil/vinegar dressing.

So this is just our way of making this wonderful salad. Create your own and please share it with us.


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