Salmon adventure

Wed night is my night to cook (yes I’m such a wonderful husband). As usual I was drawing blank on what to make so I consulted Jamie’s Food Revolution for some ideas. This cook book is awesome as it contains many easy recipes so even someone like me who can’t follow cooking directions very well … Read more

Fried rice a la left over

Yesterday Ayoe and I had an epic day of skiing at Mt. Baker resort. It was a powder overload kind of day. Needless to say, it was pretty sweet! By the time we got home and unpacked everything it was already past 7 PM. Since we didn’t want to eat out that meant we had … Read more

Easy organic chicken

Have you ever bought a whole chicken? If you haven’t yet, get out there and get a good juicy organic bird. I can not emphasize enough how much better a whole chicken, especially organic chicken, tastes compared to a box of thighs or breast meat that have been through a lot of processes that I … Read more

The cooking videos are on the way!

Last week we started filming our instructional cooking show! We had so much fun prepping and cooking so we assure you there is a lot of funny footage. We might even create a video just with the out takes. The goal for the videos are to show you how fun and easy it can be … Read more

Baby I’m a meat eater

I won’t lie, I love eating meat. I don’t think I can ever become a vegetarian. Roast beef, steak, leg of lamb, bacon, and BBQ chicken are just too delicious to pass up. I always wonder how people can stay as vegetarians during the summer days when everyone is barbecuing outside. That’s like asking a … Read more