Honeymoon pizza

Last summer Bob and I got married. We had a party about two months after the real wedding so my mom and stepdad could come and celebrate with us. After the party, which by the way was amazing, we went to Vancouver Island for a few days to go sightseeing. Sort of a small honeymoon … Read more

Simple salmon recipe

Both Ayoe and I love salmon. Now I might not be the best cook out there when it comes to cooking fish but I do make my best effort to try. I generally prefer wild salmon over farmed salmon, simply because wild salmon tastes better. You can easily find wild salmon in farmer’s markets or … Read more

Spaghetti Squash with Chicken, Mushrooms and Spinach

My parents grow lots of vegetables in their garden. A few weeks ago they gave Ayoe and I a spaghetti squash when they dropped by for a visit. Neither of us knew what to do with this alien vegetable so it has been sitting on our kitchen table for a while. Tonight was my turn … Read more

Happy New Year

2011 was a big year for both Ayoe and I, we moved in together, I proposed to her (she said yes, phew!), and we got married. We both believe 2012 will be even better for us and we’re looking forward to all the opportunities ahead. We’re slowly planning our honeymoon trip to Italy next summer. … Read more

Home-made dinners

Dinner is an important meal in our household. Both Ayoe and I love cooking and trying out different recipes. The best part about dinner is sitting together at the dinner table, enjoying a nice home-made meal, and talking about our day. It’s really too bad that many people nowadays simply don’t sit down at the dinner … Read more