What is “Hygge”?

Several people have asked us: What is this “hygge” thing you keep talking about in your posts??

We wrote a little bit about “hygge” in one of our first blog posts and I will now elaborate a little more on the concept.

“Hygge” is a Danish concept and lifestyle, the closest word in English is cosy, but it is so much more than the word or the description of the word. It is the spirit of spending quality time together with the people you love and enjoying each others company and usually a whole bunch of food to accompany you. This past Christmas we had a lot of “hygge” in our family and it is often hyped more around the holidays.

“Hygge” dates back to the Vikings, who would spend several days and nights on feasts after a successful raid. They would sing, dance and most importantly eat and drink a lot, celebrate together and enjoy each others company.

“Hygge” is spending quality time together with friends and loved ones preferably over a meal of some sort. Any excuse for whipping up a delicious meal and having “hygge” is crucial for our quality of life according to the majority of Danish people.

Ayoe has brought this concept into Bob’s family and they have received it and are enjoying it happily.

There is no excuse for not having “hygge” several times a day. So get started now, it takes practice to be able to switch into “hygge”mode instantly 🙂


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