Campfire dessert with Girl Guides

I spend this grey January weekend camping with my Girl Guides. Even though the weather wasn’t amazing we still had one day with no rain and we were able to make a great campfire. We had clear skies in the evening so we could look up and see the stars very clearly. Imagine this: Warm … Read more

Smoothie extravaganza!!

Both Bob and I love smoothies and especially for breakfast. So every day one of us surprises the other with a new combination of fruit and juices. Last weekend we decided to make a lot of different smoothies to determine who is the true smoothie meister (master). I made the first smoothie, which was a … Read more

Flaeskesteg, crispy pork roast and family “hygge”

Last night we invited Bob’s family to a pre-Christmas dinner. We wanted to test out the various food items before the big day arrives. We made flaeskesteg, which is the Danish word for crispy pork roast. The roast still has the skin on when you cook it. It is supposed to get crispy so when … Read more

Decorations in the spirit of Danish Christmas

Yeah, I love Christmas! What I love most about it is the time spend making decorations for the tree and all around the home. I believe most people know who Hans Christian Andersen was and if you don’t, look it up!! I’ll give you a hint: Danish poet and fairy tale writer, the Little Mermaid, … Read more

Christmas is here!

Finally Christmas is here and we are in full swing with the preparations. We have made White Christmas cookies and Lucia buns, bought our first Christmas tree and stand so now we are ready for Christmas. The White Christmas cookies means Christmas to me. My mother has always made those since I can remember. I … Read more