Lemon and Basil Sorbet

To our family that means ice creams and sorbets for afternoon “hygge” and desserts.

Here is our favourite sorbet recipe with lemon juice and fresh basil.


6 egg whites (180 g or 6 oz)
4 lemons (240 ml)
4 dl water (1 1/3 cup)
120 g sugar (2/3 cup) we used coconut sugar, but you can use any kind you like.
4-6 sprigs of fresh basil


Wash the basil and tear it into smaller pieces.
In a pot boil the sugar and water and let cool for a few minutes. Then add the basil and let it sit to cool completely while soaking up all the delicious basil flavours.

Squeeze the lemons and strain to make sure there are no pits or pulp.
When the basil infused sugar water is cold, strain the basil leaves out and add the lemon juice to the sugar water.

Have your ice cream machine ready and pour the lemon basil mixture in and let it run for 5-10 minutes while you whip the egg whites stiff.

Once the egg whites are so stiff that you can hold the bowl up side down over your head without it falling out, then they are ready to pour into your ice cream machine 🙂

Gently add a scoop of whipped egg whites and let the machine turn a few times before adding the next spoonful. Once all the egg whites are incorporated into the lemon basil juice, let the machine run for another 30-40 minutes till it reaches your desired texture.

Lemon basil sorbet

Pour the sorbet into a container and place in the freezer till ready to serve or serve it right away with a sprig of basil on top.


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