Smoked Herring on Potato Egg Cake

This dish is inspired by the smoked herring culture on the island of Bornholm in Denmark.
Herring is a small delicious fish that you can use in many variations, we like the smoked one the best.
In our cookbook “Cozy Cooking” we share with you a recipe for potato egg cake with tomatoes, here we have adapted it slightly and added the smoked herring.


4-5 fresh whole herring (or already smoked if you don’t want to smoke them yourself)

2 large potatoes
8 eggs
1 onion, sliced
1 large handful fresh parsley
1 large handful fresh oregano
Salt and pepper
Optional: tomatoes


Rinse and dry the fresh herring and coat them with salt and let sit for 3 hours. Then wash and dry the fish again and smoke them for 45-60 min in a smoker with your choice of woodchips. Filet the fish and remove the skin. This can be a little tricky as herring has a lot of small bones. However, the bones are so fine, that even if you don’t get them all out you can still eat them.



Heat the oven till 175 C (350 F).
Peel the potatoes and boil them for 10 min. Let cool and cut into slices.
Wash and slice the onion, wash and chop the parsley and oregano.
Whisk the eggs together and add the chopped herbs and salt and pepper. In an ovenproof pan, melt a lump of butter and a bit of oil.
Fry the onions and once translucent add the potatoes. Fry for a few minutes and then gently layer them in the pan and pour the egg and herb batter over to cover.




Put the pan in the oven and let bake for 10-15 minutes. Then add the filets of smoked herring and put back in the oven to bake for another 5 minutes till golden brown.




Serve the smoked herring on potato egg cake with sliced tomatoes and sprinkle with chopped herbs.


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